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bangla boiBook Name: 1971.

 Writer: Humayun Ahmed.

Size: 6.40 MB

Pages: 52

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Mir Ali does not see eye.

Before looking thwarted. If you look at the midday sun, some of the yellow eyes in the sky. They have not been floating for the past two years. Unlimited darkness around His age is almost as well. Eyes and ears begin to be lost at this age. The world seems to be sound and colorless. But his ears are still good. much better. As soon as the little granddaughter cried, she says in a tired face, ‘shut up, do not sound.’ Mir Ali can not endure the word this time nowadays. In the middle of the head there is a sparkle. Even if you could see it, it would probably not have been possible. Many pains of old age The biggest torment was to go out at noon and noon. There is no way to go alone. He had to call a fine tone with heavy pressure of the abdomen; ‘Badi, and Badi. ……… .. The writer should download this book for complete reading.