20 to 25 days after studying for the BCS, 36th cadre has been done.

Sumon has become the 36th cadre for the first time only for 20 to 25 days of education and preparation for the BCS. Mahmudul Hasan Sumon of Magura district is a student of English Department of Jagannath University. He worked tirelessly with duties. He used to do regular classes and study as well as physics / camestri / math / english tuition of students of every subject from the college level. Mahmudul Hasan Sumon wanted to join the 37th BCS after completing his honors, but in no way gave him the name of 36th when he had a honors test. He was a regular and meritorious student, so he was very much focused on the results of the Master’s not so bad. This time it has reached the end of the preparations for its BCS. Only 20 to 25 days to walk. Then he took it for granted in such a short time, maybe good preparation and success can not be possible. Yet he did not lose heart and did not give up and left. Because – Sumon Sir Science background was from ASSC. Then read in English. In the subject of Science, 6 years of Math and 50% of BCS preparations for the classes in English Private and Coaching, the preparation was automatic.

Sumon has been the 36th cadre of preparations for 20 to 25 days!

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