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In the era of current world information technology, how many people are discovering how easy it is to get people’s work done. Everybody in this thought is busy thinking consciously. And in continuation of this, Microsoft Corporation Microsoft Office package, the most popular and well known organization in the current world. The purpose is that people write texts on paper, work on various types of accounts, economic, statistics, logical etc. The Microsoft Excel program has been designed to make different types of accounting, financial, statistics, logicals, and so on. This Excel program is a program included in the Microsoft Office program. Over time, various versions of the Microsoft Office package have been published. At present, the latest version of the package is released in the market. And this reformation is completely different from previous versions. However, in 2007. 2010, with a slightly different version of the version, it has been upgraded to a new version of the 2013 version of the market. The version has been pretty much the interface. In order to work, people have access to all the commands that are used by the Quick Access Toolbar. Providing access to new templates and templates. Ribbon shared the commands in a group, very nice way. This version is made with many different features, including the color change in the theme. This book is written based on the 2013 version.