Agnibina (Kabbograntho) by Kazi Nazrul Islam

Kazi Nazrul islam: Agnibina (kabbograntho)

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Book Name: AGNI BINA

Book Writer: Kazi Nazrul Islam

Book Size: 704 KB

Book Pages: 46

Book Format: Portable Document File (PDF)



Book Review: Agnibina is the first poet of the most popular Bengali poet Kazi Nazrul Islam in the first half of the twentieth century. It was published in Kartik month of 1329 BS (October, 1922 AD). There are twelve poems in this book. The poems are ‘Praoillas’, ‘Rebel’, ‘Bloodthirsty-Dhariani Maa’, ‘Agmani’, ‘Dhumketu’, Kamal Pasha ‘,’ Anwar Ranviri ‘,’ Shat-il-Arab ‘,’ Khayapar Tarani ‘,’ And Moharram ‘ Apart from this, there is also a well-known poem written by the devotee to the revolutionary Barindra Kumar Ghosh. Abanindranath Tagore and young painter Bireshwar Sen were planning the cover of ‘Agni Veena’.  The price of the book was about 3 rupees. The book is printed and published by 7th Pratap Chatterjee Lane. As the availability, the text was written in ‘Aryan Publishing House, College Street, Market (Dotala)’. The book was printed on Metcoph Press, 79 from Ballaram de Street, Calcutta. The price is one penny. The dedication of the book is that “the original priest of the firefight of the Bengali people, Sagnik Bir Shrivadindrkumar Ghosh, Sri Sri Chakranarabindu”. Below is the text of “Your fire-worshiper-like-majestic follower-Kazi Nazrul Islam”. Barindra Kumar Ghar, brother of Aurobindo Ghosh, was one of the heroes of the Bengali revolutionary movement of India. Nazrul, who believed in revolution, himself deduced his first poetry as Barindra Kumar’s ‘self-glorified disciple’.

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