Agranthita Gaan written by Kazi Nazrul islam

Agranthita Gaan Kabbo Grantho

bangla pdf bookBook Name: AGRANTHITA GAAN
Book Category :  Kazi Nazrul Islam
Book Writer:  Kazi Nazrul Islam
Book Format: Portable Document Format – PDF File
Book Language: Bengali
Book Pages: 453
Book Size: 5.64


Book Review: 

Kazi Nazrul Islam (1899-1976) how many songs he composed, he has no written text. There are different types of calculations in this regard. Before the illness, the songs of Nazrul’s book were published, only a few of his songs were compiled. After his death, the initiative to publish a collection of his songs was taken and some people also handled the list of his songs. On the basis of Rabindranath’s Gitabitan, from the publication of Harik Prakashani from Calcutta, Nazrul Guti Akhand (September 1978) first appeared in the editorship of Abdul Aziz Al Aman. The number of songs in it was 2111. In the first edition of Aksharul Gita Akhand (July 1981) the number of songs increased to 2,183. The third edition (January 2004) of Nazrul Gita Akhtar was edited by Brahmo Mohan Thakur, the number of songs was 2504. The three volumes of Nazrul’s song ‘Prem’, ‘Prem and Nature’ and ‘Uddipana and Muslim’ were released in the editing of Rafiqul Islam, from the Bangla Academy (Bhadra 1391, Jyotha 1392, Paush 1392). Nazrul Siddiqui, published in 3163 songs of Nazrul Siddhi (October 2006), in the editing of Rashidun Nabi from Nazrul Institute. In the first edition of the book titled Nazrul Sangeet (February 2011), more than 11 songs of Nazrul are added to the number 3174. Songs and numbers are available in the list of Nazrul songs. Nazrul Musical Dictionary by Abdus Sattar (May 1993) – The number of songs is indicated in 3086. Brahmo Mohan Thakur’s Nazrul Music Ground (Calcutta, January 1994) Number of songs: 2688 Bangla Academy-published Karunamayo Goswami’s list of Nazrul songs of 2899 songs found in the hinds Nazrul’s 309 songs have been mentioned in the book, Kalpatru Sengupta-compiled and published in West Bengal State Music Academy-published Nazrulgiti Sahitya (June 1997). The collection and catalog of published Nazrul songs is not accurate and authentic. In these books, the number of songs of many songs of another songwriter has increased, and the number of songs has increased in number of such songs in many cases. Although the exact number is not known, these statistics can be easily understood, Nazrul certainly composed more than three thousand songs. Not all songs were released, records were not included. There are so many songs in the sequence of matches. But many songs that are lost or destroyed – those songs extinct can never be found anymore.

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