Agranthita Galpo written by Kazi Nazrul Islam

Agranthita Galpo Bangla Galpo

download bangla booksBook Name: AGRANTHITA GALPO
Book Category :  Kazi Nazrul Islam
Book Writer:  Kazi Nazrul Islam
Book Format: Portable Document Format – PDF File
Book Language: Bengali
Book Pages:   13
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My wrist knock on the automatic shake, and four in the afternoon. Yesterday’s day was a bit like Renni. Today is pretty shocking Bright sunshine like silver, beautiful sunny eyes; This kind of smile is usually noticed in the dewy cauliflower. In the four-legged Bangmatya Su-store, I was in the thorn, in the pocket lugger, what was Hitler; Hitler had the PPP of Walther. Do not delay typhoon behind me In the store, we got all the quick keys. Like boltu, dynamite and sujukhi plan, customers are already seen wearing shoes, it is said that they have kept the Bijli salesmen. Three salesmen, three of them are very busy. Fine! This is what you want! Electricity means that we have already fixed the position; At the doorstep of typhoon, my cash counter I got out of the lugger, Hands up! That’s where you are hands! Meanwhile, Stein has pulled out Typhoon. Eyeful eye! I roared, without any flirtation, find out what’s in the cache, just a minute, quick, quick! The cashier-cum-manager who is sitting on the desk is an anophilius-special, yet he has the injury! Absolutely Junkie Clock, Rampantha Say, I can get jobs, I will not cash in life, whatever I want, kill me! A real clown one! If you are the job! The job will go away and the union will just sit on the dust, it is a word. Someone cautions the cash in this way, which is merely a guard of guards: If you give us a handful, you can get rid of it. Do not wash, Typhoon roars, Quick quick, Instant, Dracula, you have ten count, which will start, I will start brushfire, Harryap Man, Harriap! Even if you die in equal weight, the goods will not leave. Standing up in a flurry, Suzuki broke down, please, cashier, whatever you want, let them all, they are! Decoyet! The cashier-cum-manager, ie the mountain, who has been tilted, and said, I’m willing to die! Smoothly natabaltu loose this man, what to say! Suzuki rattled Suzuki If you come crying and crying, you have no right to take a walk with our valued life, give me what you want, I’m getting very tears, oh no no, please! Fine acting, Rafa Rangara pants saw Terrique, natigarol! This time, really shrieking shrieking Suzuki, for this man’s sake we must die, O Mago. Surprised, the man was still firm.

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