The capital of the states of America, currency, language, independence

North America is a continent located in the northern and western hemisphere of the world. It is sometimes considered to be the North American subcontinent. The continent is north of the north ocean, the Atlantic Ocean in the east, the Pacific Ocean in the south and west, and the south-east of the South America and the Caribbean Sea.
North American size 24,709,000 sq km (9,540,000 square miles), which is approximately 4.8% of the Earth’s surface and 16.5% of the surface. In 2007, the estimated population in this continent was about 52 million In terms of volume, North America is the 3rd largest after Asia and Africa  and the fourth largest continent after Asia, Africa and Europe in terms of population.
In the census of 2013, along with the nearest Caribbean island, North American population was 565 million, in other words, 7.5 percent of the total population of the world.
During the last ice age crossed the Bering Land Bridge, the first human settlement began in North America. The collapse of the Indian-era era, about 10,000 years ago at the beginning of the Meso-Indian era. The classical era lasted from the 6th century to the 13th century. The end of pre-Columbian era, along with the arrival of Europeans, the Age of Discovery and the beginning of the modern era In the cultural and ethnic form of the present age, European colonial, indigenous American, African slaves and their descendants have influence. Among them, European influence in the northern part of the continent and indigenous American and African influences in the south are obvious. Most North Americans speak English, Spanish, and French mainly through the influence of colonial rule. Moreover, the society and the state system here generally reflect Western culture.

South America is the world’s fourth largest continent. The continent’s size is 1,78,20,900 square kilometers, which is 12% of the world’s surface area. Its place after the size of Asia, Africa and North America. Its width across the equator and the two sides of the Makrakrishi. The continent is connected to Central and North America via the Panama Plateaux in the north. In the north, from the Caribbean Sea to the Horn of the South, the length of the continent is 7,400 kilometers. And its highest length in the east-west is 5,160 kilometers (3,160 kilometers) of Puerto Rico Parinias, which is located on the Pacific coast from Brazil’s Punta du Saxe, on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.
In 2006, South America’s estimated population was 376 million, which is 6% of the world’s population. There are 12 states on this continent. Of these, 10 countries are Latin: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela. Two states are not Latin. Among these two states, there were former colonies of Guyana UK and Suriname Netherlands. Brazil was the colony of Portugal. Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela These 9 countries were Spanish colonies. Languages ​​of these countries are also Spenice. Portuguese is the language of Brazil, the language of Suriname is Dutch and Guyana is English. Also in South America there is a French equivalent of French Guyana or Guyan, which has a similarity to the city. It was once a French colony. There are many administrative zones located in the Pacific Ocean at a great distance from the continent, which are part of the South American state. These include the Huan Ferdanandese Islands and Easter Island in Chile, and Galapagos Islands of Ecuador. The seafront is located in the Atlantic Ocean in the Brazilian Ferndandú de Nordonia Islands. The south is the Falkland Islands of the United Kingdom. Argentina called the islands’ Islas Malbinas and claimed to be their own. The coastline of South America is relatively regular, but due to the presence of many fidurrs in the south and southwest, the coastline is highly fragile.

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