Appointed army soldiers, out of the online application process

Bangladesh Army, 2017 from next January until June 30, 2017 people are admitted to the program will be held at the army barracks. Interested in joining the army of male and female candidates to apply for the following information. Online Application Deadline: 5 January 2017.
Qualifications: General Trade (GD) male and female: Age: 15 November 1720 at 2017 years.

Educational Qualification: SSC / equivalent examination GPA was 3 passed. Preference will be given to female candidates passed science.

Tech Trade Male: Age: 15 November 1721 at 2017 years. Cable drivers for the 1821 trading year.

Educational Qualification: SSC / equivalent examination GPA 3. Science would not be passed. The driver of the division to a career in SSC / equivalent examination must be passed and GPA was 3 functioning efficient cars and must have a valid driver’s license.

Physical Requirements: Male candidates height of 1.68 meters, or 5 feet 6 inches, for people of different ethnic and 1.63 meters or 5 feet 4 inches. Weight 49.90 kg or 110 lbs male candidates. The size of the normal male candidates chest 0.76 meters or 30 inches, the 0.81-meter or 3 inches will be inflated. Female candidates height of 1.60 meters, or 5 feet 3 inches, but in different ethnic groups and communities to be 1.56 meters or 5 feet 1 inch. Weight 47 kg or 104 lbs female candidates and normal breast size 8 inches or 0.71 meters and 0.76 meters or 30 inches will be inflated condition.
Health: health worthy of examination.

Marital status: single will be (not divorced).

Swimming: Swimming is vital to know.

Will bring to the documents:

1. The educational qualification certificates / mark sheet. If photocopies attested by Gazetted Officer will be first-class.

II. The permanent address by the head of the educational institutions and the certificates janmatarikhasambalita.

3. Parents affirmative certificate, which must be certified by the chairman.

4. SSC / HSC admission.

5. The original copy of the certificate by the Chairman of the nature of citizenship and character.

6. The certificate is only for candidates interested in the technical profession technical expertise.

7. Passport size (5 cm × 4 cm) 6 copies of stamp size (.5 cm cm × ii) two copies. Photo blue background / sky-colored, light-colored clothes and pictures of the first class will be attested by gazetted government officer. 8. Clothing for the swimming test.
9. For the written exam pen, pencil, scale, etc., and clip boards.

Selection Procedure: Written test (Bengali, English, mathematics, general knowledge and intelligence), health screening and interview qualified candidates will be selected.

Training: Army Headquarters in accordance with the decision of 6 months to 1 year will receive basic military training.

Admission test next January to 30 June 2017 017 per day until the date of Cantonment

(Friday, Saturday, and excluding public holidays) from 8 am admission test will be held. GD owned general trading bharticchuka male and female candidates in the manner described below from your mobile phone as an SMS or to apply online through the website. All prarthieka by adopting this method to print their own photos and relanambara with admission to participate in the admission test.

BNCC cadres admission date next February 8 017 within the respective regiments from the bank at any branch of the Army AG branch, PA department of the bank, Dhaka Cantonment corporate branch in favor and 00 Pay order / bank draft in exchange for the bodies collecting admission forms from the date and time of the test you need to know.

Senasantana and technical trade candidate: Army AG branch, PA department of the bank in Dhaka Cantonment corporate branch in favor of the bank at any branches of 00 Pay order / bank draft military children, and technical trading candidates scheduled Arms / Services Center of the specific date admission forms a part of the process of filling it fits properly Will be on.

Senasantanadera (serving and retired), a child soldier at the admission quotas and other technical trades (except clerical):

Application of collection: 9 and 10 April, 2017.

Date application submitted: 11 April and 1 2017.

Admission Date: 13 April 2017, eight in the morning.

Admission Place: All Arms / Services Center services.

Candidates trained in the technical trades tititiai

Admission: Trust Technical Training Institute (tititiai) trained 017 candidates on June 4 will be admitted to the technical trades. Candidates interested in any of the required documents and Sonali Bank branch at Army Headquarters, AG branch, the name of the PA department of Sonali Bank, Dhaka Cantonment in favor of the corporate branch 00 Pay order / bank draft tititiai between 8 am, Gazipur Cantonment will be present.

Online Application Deadline: 5 January 2017.

Application Process: 2017 dated January 5 of the need to apply online. In this connection Teletalk space SAINIK English from the first three letters of the SSC Board Space.