Bangalir Hashir Golpo by Jasim Uddin

Bangla Story Book

bangla story bookPoet Jasim Uddin compiled this book in two episodes, “Bangali’s Laughter Story”, in almost ten to twelve years, listening to the whole story in his mouth, or in his face, in his mouth and screaming. In fact, books are written for children to entertain children, but old people will not be excluded from the beauty of books. Many parents have to listen to stories of children in the country. The monumental wealth of eternal Bengal “Bangali laughter story” compilation will be a blessing for them.

Book Name: Bangalir Hashir Golpo
Book Writer:  Jasim Uddin
Book Format: PDF(Portable Document Format) File
Book Language: Bengali

Book Pages: 160 & 110

Book Size: 5.15 MB & 3.30 MB
Book info: 1st part &  2nd part

Book Review: 
Jasim Ude Deen (January 1, 1903 – March 13, 1976) is a famous Bengali poet. He is known as rural poet in Bangladesh. His grave poetry is an unforgettable contribution to Bangla literature. Although the full name is Jasim Uddin Molla, he is known as Jasim Uddin Din. Nakshi Kantha Ground and Swadan Badar Ghatakir’s best two compositions. Jasim Uddin’s poetry has been translated into different languages.

Early life: He was born on 1st January 1903 in the village of Tambulkhana in Faridpur district. His father’s house was in Gobindapur village of the same district. His father’s name is Ansaruddin Mollah. He was a school teacher in the profession. Mother Amina Khatun alias Rangachut

Education: Jasim Uddin studied Faridpur Welfare School and later Faridpur District School (now Faridpur Zilla School). From here he passed his entrance examination in 1921. He graduated from Calcutta University of Bengal. At And m. At Ended in 1929 and 1931 respectively.

Career: In 1933, he was the University of Calcutta. Under Ramdanu Lahiri Research, under Dinesh Chandra Sen, he joined the research. Then in 1938 he joined Dhaka University as a lecturer in the Department of Bangla. In 1969, Tagore Bharati University conferred the title of the honorary title of D.Litt.

Death: He died in Dhaka on March 13, 1976. Later, he was buried in his home village Gobindpur.


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Part-1 &  Part -2

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