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Al Quran Bangla pdf

An important Surah of the Qur’an revealed in Surah al-Qamar, Makkah. Allah has mentioned a special verse four times in this Surah. That particular verse means, ‘Of course, I have made the Qur’an easy for learning, so is there any one among you to take education from it?’
This verse has a great effect on my mind like millions of readers worldwide. Especially when we see that this is the main source of the light of God’s light, people are making it difficult and inaccessible instead of making it easier for them. If the light that gives guidance to a passer-by is not transparent, then the traveler will still be afraid of the light despite being in front of the light.
The Quran, the language of Allah, the language of the Mahfuz of the Qur’an, its linguistic style, its beauty and its beauty are allah Allah, the personal belongings of Allah.

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