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bengali books pdfBook Name: Biography of Benjamin franklin

Book Category: Science Fiction
Book Writer: Sattobroto Ray
Book Format: Portable Document Format – PDF File
Book Language: Bengali
Book Pages: 44

Book Size: 1.38 MB

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Book Review:

Benjamin Franklin, (6th January 1706 – 17th April, 1790) One of America’s founding fathers. He was skilled in various subjects. Franklin is one of the writers, painters, politicians, politicians, scientists, musicians, inventors, presidents, comedians, mass movements and diplomats. His contributions to science, especially physics, are quite remarkable. He also contributed to various electrical matters. He invented thunderbolt bar, biophylic lens, Franklin’s oven, auditor, Franklin Harmonica etc.

Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He used to run New England Quralt magazine with grandfather James in London. Later Philadelphia escaped. In 1730, Pensilvaniya Gazzette used to do newspapers and married a woman named Dobra. In 1731 he founded Philadelphia Public Library. In 1732 Pour Richard Alamank started. In 1747, he promoted positive and negative power theory. Which is highly acclaimed. He died on 17 April 1790.

In 1751, he joined politics. He improved the postal department. He made a deal with the Red Indians. Regarding the stamp laws. America’s Azadi joined the war.

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