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Abhijeet Rai’s book ‘How Many Love’ discusses the issues of evolutionary psychology as fluently; Likewise, in the love-loving behavior, the effect of evolution has also been discussed in a very lively language. Those who have no idea about evolution, such as read the book easily; Likewise, those who do not have their own views on love can also understand the science of love.

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Most people’s knowledge about love-love is based on literature or cinema or experience. Some try to give a kind of logic to the freudian pre-scientific imaginative theory of sex with it. But despite some special features, people like all other animals, such as hunger-fear and affection-oriented wall in matters like safety

Does not behave; Likewise, in the case of dynasty And the preparation of any organism for propagation is the attraction of reverse lingar and the persecution of the involvement. The person is called love or love …

Love is influenced by the human nature of the person. And in the form of human nature, the environment also plays an important role in the genes or genes. Although everyone has some idea about the role of environment in human formation, the role of genealogy is largely unknown to most. The science branch that discusses these known and unknown issues together in the form of human nature is evolutionary psychology.


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