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Bisher Bashi ( kabbo gantho)By Kazi Nazrul islam

Book Name : Bisher Bashi

Writer : Kazi Nazrul islam

Topic : Kabbo Gantho

Poem : 27

Published: 1924




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List of poems

A poem written by Poet Kazi Kazi Nazrul Islam. There are 27 poems in this book.


Curse I have broken the rules, I am so powerful! Mother  under  the feet of death, God kills after death. The first and the unimagined, I remember that day – the very first day you were among me jaginu, and screamed that your world-husband-husband. The light became dark and his face became dark. I cry out loud …


Abhay-mantra [song] Do not fear, no fear, no fear! Bow, mavaiyahah, win the victory of truth! Chorus: Ball, ho gandhi prisoner, not true prisoner of Modi. Ball, Mavaiyou Manoshoke Joy Depends on your shoulders, put your flag on your shoulders! Let’s go, let’s just say, ‘I did not have the fusion’! Say, ‘I am’, I …



Self-power [song] Come rebellious false-hearted hearted Buddha hero! Bring forth the truth, the lightning-eyed, unicorn. Turiyananday Ghosho he is today ‘I am’ – the word world-middle, male-raj! That swaraj! Awake awake Narayan-Naro sleeping on the chest; Awakening to the self-pity, ‘I-husband …

Revenue is again my bitter life!


[Revenue Rebirth is my bitter life!] Revenue and again my bitter life! Gaibi once again voiced the poison-damn-salty song. Rebirth Rebirth Life! Revenue Ray My hand-breaking and broken happiness, the black whip of Gokhro Nag! Fire your garden with joy and happiness! Income ray