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In 2014 published from Jaggi Prakashan, the belief in the book of Faith Virus written by Abhijit Roy, with the effect of belief in the society. The influence of belief was always in the society, there is. The author of the book, the author of the book, demonstrates that the belief is calm, beautiful, innocent, and generally considered to be a gooseberries, but if you get time and opportunity, then how the nail-out reveals its blood-filled appearance.

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People have killed the virgin and the children since ancient times; they have buried God alive, buried alive hundreds of thousands of women in the name of Sati, killed atheists, apostates or infidels, crushed with crooks, crusade, committed a war, witch In the name of jihad, he has killed innocent women, sometimes or all over the world Blood playing Holi is going on. There is no hesitation to say, faith has done more harm than good for us.

Still, the question comes, do we have no faith at all? Is science, society, civilization, morality, without all these beliefs, that is not completely abysmal? Can we develop the technology without trusting trust? Can I understand the nature of the future? True falsehood, can we verify the virtue of sin? Interesting readers will find answers to these questions in this book.