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bio graphyBook Name: Charles Darwin Biography
Book Category: Science Fiction
Book Translator: Anwarul Haque
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Book Language: Bengali
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Book Review:

Charles Darwin (English: Charles Darwin) (12 February 1809 – 19 April 1882) An English biologist in the nineteenth century. He was the first to give an idea of ​​evolution through direct observation. He is the first person to realize that all species originated from some common ancestor and established this observation with evidence. He called the distribution of these evolutionary branches in the form of natural selection. In his lifetime, evolution was recognized as a theory of scientists, society and most common people, but through modern evolutionary synthesis developed from 1930 to 1950, it is possible to fully understand the importance of natural selection in evolutionary process. Darwin’s scientific discovery as a modified biography was the consolidation theory, which explains biodiversity.

Due to Darwin’s deep interest in nature, he was not attentive to the study of medical science at Edinburgh University; Rather, he started researching the semi-indigenous animals. Then the study of Cambridge University inspired the interest of natural science. HMS Bigell’s five-year journey made him a geologist, and when Beagle’s travelogue was published, it brought him popular author’s fame.

Curiously, Darwin researched the transmutation of the species and collected its natural selection theory in 1838 after seeing the geographical distribution of wildlife and fossils collected by him. Although he had discussed this concept with some naturists, he needed more time for his detailed research work and was also working on his main field geology. When he wrote his theory, in 1858, Alfred Russell Wallace sent him an article containing the same kind of thinking, which promptly immediately revealed both of their theories. Darwin’s theory changed somewhat and he gave a scientific explanation of the diversity of nature. In 1871, he experimented with human evolution and sexual selection, and wrote two books on human development, and then after the expression of expression in humans and other animals. His research on the tree was consistently published in several texts and in his last book, he published his research on earthworms and their influence on the soil.

Due to his fame as Darwin’s scientist, he was only one of the five royal family members of the 19th century who got the honor of state funeral. Darwin was buried in Westminster Abbey, next to scientist John Herschel and Isaac Newton’s tomb.

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