Chuti golpo by Rabindranath Tagore

“Chuti” Short Bangla Book

rabindranath tagore storiesBook Name: Chuti

Writer: Rabindranath Tagore

Pages: 4

Size: 1.22 MB


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Rabindranath’s ‘Vacation’ by spreading childish chaplata fills the people around the story. At the beginning of the story, he was encouraged to move with a companion to move around a pond of a shawl on the river. The purpose is to surprise, disturb and inconvenience the woodcut owner. When this young man stops on the Makhanlal footwork when he is interrupted by this work, then he will be removed to the Vaishahai powder, resulting in a little bit of pain in his younger brother. In spite of this skepticism, he makes his peers fearlessly, they have a kind of authority over them. She shouted at her younger brother and said, “Look, kill me. Get up early this morning. ”

There was a new thought in the head of the boy’s father Fatik Chakravarti; A huge monk was waiting to be transformed into a masterpiece by the river; It was decided that all of them would be torn to pieces.

The person who cleanses the proposal, recognizing the amount of surprise and disadvantage of the timber, must be in his time.

When all the people waited on the waist, while the attention was being made to engage with attention, Fatik’s younger Makhanlal seriously graced the trunk; The boys got some sadness when they saw such liberal indifference.