Common English dialogues

 I shared Some common English dialogues to speak smartly in English. If you like the next phase, Inshallah Hope the tumors
The English word is still the reason for the fear of graduates with school-college students. Student’s fear is the English test, and the reason for the fear of graduates is to speak English. Statistics say that at least 70% of the students who fail to study in the country are dropped out in English and about 60% of graduates can speak just like English. It’s astonishing, is not it? Baparata is astonishing because we are shy, we all are busy and do not practice and remember the English. We Bangla and Bangla are our mother’s language. Main language And English is the second main language. This is the international language We all know how important English language is to us. Many big compositions, our relation has been our passion. So I did not go further in discussing the importance of English.

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