Daily Samakal

The Daily Samakal

A Bengali daily newspaper published from Dhaka in Bangladesh Daily Staff. 2005 of May 31, it has been published. Famous journalist Golam Sarwar, editor of this newspaper is served. Abul Kalam Azad’s publisher. 2007 of the Common Era until the number of copies of two million.

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Style Daily newspapers
Format Bradasita and the online version
Publisher Abul Kalam Azad
Editor Ghulam Sarwar
Founded May 31, 2005
Language Bengali, English (only online)
Headquarters 136, Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka-1208

Customary journalists:

Acclaimed journalists consistently write in this daily paper. Abdul Gaffar Chowdhury contributes each week in `Kaler Ayna (The Reflection of the Time)’. Hasan Azizul Huq, the popular story author of the sub mainland, is another editorialist. Equity Habibur Rahman, the previous boss counselor of the Bangladesh overseer government is a normal feature writer. Zillur Rahman Siddiqui, Shahriar Kabir, Badruddin Omar,economist Anu Muhammad, Abu Ahmed, and writer Mamunur Rashid additionally compose segments.


`Kaler Kheya (Watercraft of the Time)’, the most mainstream artistic magazine of this time, is one of the week after week supplements of Samakal. Conspicuous youthful writer Masud Hassan altered this supplement. The other week after week supplements are ‘Nandan’, `Shaili’, ‘Grounds’, ‘Kurir Pore (after 20)’, ‘Taka Aana Pai (Economy)’, ‘Naristhan (Ladies Stage)’, “Champion” and ‘Ghassfaring (page for kids)’. ‘Suhreed Samabesh (Stage of Welwishers)’ is the peruser association of this day by day. Together with Oxfam GB, Samakal as of late distributed a magazine on Environmental Change of Bangladesh.


Joint Proofreader: Rashid Un Nabi Babu

Official Proofreader: Mustafiz Shafi

Relate Proofreader: Md. Younus Ali ( Sabuj Younus)

Highlight Supervisor: Mahbub Aziz

Sports Proofreader : Sanjoy Kumar Saha

Extra News Proofreader: Tapan Das

Boss Columnist: Loton Ekram

General departments:

Abul Khair Chowdhury serves as General Administrator (Showcasing)

Kamruzzaman Khan serves as Appointee General Director Accounts

Amit Raihan serves as Appointee General Director, Flow

Shamsuzaman Khan serves as IT Director

Occasions and promotions:

The news paper has occasion and advancement section.Imran Kadir serves as the Occasion Chief. Different social, social, marking and special occasions, round table conferences,seminars, TV programs and numerous all the more running on under supervision of this segment.


From its start at 2005, the paper’s writers have been working in spite of dangers and perils. In 2005, Goutam Das, who filled in as Faridpur (Agency Boss), was killed. In 2006, administering party frameworks assaulted Samakal Rajshahi Department office and Shiblee Noman, the Agency Boss was attacked.