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Darwin: The 21st Century Relevance and Thinking Book has been edited by Ananta Bijay Das.




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1. The origin and influence of Ali Asgar / Charles Darwin’s biological evolution theory

2. At M. Haroon or Rasheed / Darwin’s evolution-based tree of life

3. Dwijen Sharma / Devil’s Chaplin

4. Rakhhari Government / Relevance of the recycling of biobiology in the syllabus

5. Floods / biogevelopment – global perspectives

6. Mahbubur Rahman / Natural selection theory has broken

7. Asif / Origin of Species: The Blaze of Light for Humanity

8. Why Monirul Islam / Biological Evolution are so important?

9. Medical science in the light of bi-biological theory

10. Abhijit Roy / Boeing 747

11. How is the evolution of Carl Lover?

12. Without the belief of Theodosius Dzhzhanski / Biobody, nothing in biology is meaningful

13. Movement and goal of Barbara Forest / Intelligent Design Movement: A passport

14. Ananta Vijay Das / Biogeography, Darwin and God Belief