Denapawna written by Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore bangla story book

rabindranath tagore storiesBook Name: Denapaona.

Writer: Rabindranath Tagore

Pages: 5

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A short story by Rabindranath Tagore of Denapawna.

After a young boy, when a daughter was born, Nirupama named her name after paying a lot of love to her father and mother. This fancy name in this group has never been heard before. The name of the goddess Kartik Parvati was just about the name of the goddess Thakur.

Now the proposal of marriage of Niruparam is going on. His father Ramsundar Mitra looks for many but the pot is not like mind. Finally, one of the only rayabahadur’s house was searched and found out the only son. Though Raybahadur’s paternal subject-hope has been greatly reduced but the Banadi house is there.

Till the money of ten thousand rupees from the party and the lot of donations, Basil sits. Ramsundar agreed without any consideration: The pot can not be taken away.

There is no money to raise money. By obstructing, selling, and many attempts, there are still six-seven remaining. On this day the wedding day has come near.

Finally the day of the wedding came. He admitted to lending the remaining amount at the extra interest, but in time he did not attend. There was a severe chaos in the marriage ceremony. Ramsundar took hold of our raiyabahadur and said, ‘If you do well, I will repay the money.’ Roy Bahadur said, ‘If you do not get the money, the bride will not be able to attend.’

There was a tears in the crash. The main reason for this serious danger is that he is sitting in silence, wearing jewelry, wearing a sandalwood on his forehead and sitting silently. It can not be said that a lot of devotion or fondness for the future father-in-law is born.

There is already a benefit. The groom quickly rebuked his father’s father. He said to the father, ‘I do not understand the bargain; I have come to get married, I will get married. ‘

The father who saw the person said to him, ‘Have you seen, sir, use the boys of today?’ There were two elderly people, they said, ‘Scripture education is not absolutely right;’