Devi Written by Humayun Ahmed

“Devi” bangla ebook

bangla bookBook Name: Devi

Writer: Humayun Ahmed

Size: 8.25 MB

Pages: 85

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Humayun Ahmed’s very reader and also the critically acclaimed ‘Missy Ali’ is the first book in the series Goddess. All those who are less familiar with Ali’s Ali know that Miss Ali works in logic or logic. But the most interesting aspect of the ‘Miss Ali Ali’ series is that the mysterious nature of nature does not mean any argument. This book is no exception.

Ranu, the central character of the book. The story begins with a midnight narration. Runu seems to be present in some unusual existence, which does not live in this condition. In any other land. Ranu’s husband, Anis, was quite upset about the matter. With the illness of Ranu being ill, Anis went to meet Ali Ali to solve the problem. Miss Ali Ali Ranu’s ESP got interested in getting the power and getting interested in it. In this way story of the story continues.

Meanwhile, the daughter of Ranu’s house, Bilu and Nilu Slowly roar, big sister Neelu calm down. One day after seeing an advertisement in the newspaper, Nilu wrote letters to impersonate a stranger. At one time, Nilur had a good relationship with the young man. But then Saralmati Nilu did not realize that this young man will have to face the most difficult experience of his life.

Get some strange information about Miss Ali Ali Ranu. Ranu went to his uncle’s house at the age of eleven-year-old when he married his cousin. There was a terrible experience for him to take bath in the river. He felt someone dragged him down to the depths of the river. Later, he was recovered unconsciously. The most exciting thing, when he is rescued, it is seen that his legs are covered with a dead man. So is this a cause of fear that inside Ranu’s fear? Do you think that he can see and hear something strange or something else?

Finding the main reason for the incident, Ali and Ali find some incidents. In the early home of Ranu, new mysteries were created with an old broken Vishnumandir and Devi statue. One day Nilu was taken to an unknown place, telling the young man to take home. From there, with the help of a miraculous force, Nilu is back. But what is the source of this miraculous power? Who is Ranu? To know all this, you will have to read the book of goddess.

Although the book is not physical, my idea is that it can be fully enjoyed if its book alone reads alone in the solitary house in the dark of night. If you do not read the book, then hope to read.

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