The capital of the states of Europe, currency, language, independence

Take a look at the continent of continental continent, currency, language, former colony and independence:-

  • strong verb and weak verb list with bangla meaning Weak Verbs or Regular Verbs

    Rule : Verb এর শেষে ed যোগ করে Past Tense ও Past participle গঠন করা হয়।   Present Past Participle […]

  • shesher kobita Sesher Kobita written by Rabindro nath Tagore

    SESHER KOBITA Bangla Book Book Name: shesher kobita Writer: Rabindro nath Tagore Pages: 87 Size: 791 KB Bangla book free download Shesher […]

  • 1 GB video pack at 49

    BUY Conditions:- 1 GB Video Pack (YouTube) just 49 taka (including supplementary duty + VAT + surcharges) for a period […]

  • 1 paisa/ second call rates

    1 paisa / sec call rate!   Twenty prepaid customers from any local number 2016 December 1 paisa / second […]