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Gophal Bar (or Gopal Vand) was a renowned romantic narrator / charmer and entertainer in the Nadia region of the medieval period. He was engaged in the Raja Sabha of the famous King Krishna Chandra in the eighteenth century. The king included him as one of the nawabs among his nobles. During his reign, a picture sculpture made in front of the palace of King Krishna Chandra is still unacquainted. Next, the new mausoleum of Gopher Junk has been established in the corner of Krishnanagar municipality.



Besides, more than 200 years of his life-rich stories are still alive in the public interest, among the Bangla speaking people of West Bengal and Bangladesh. How many stories are used almost like proverbs. He was counted as equivalent to Mullah Nasiruddin and Birbal.

History and controversy :

The character of Gopher Junk is a long-standing issue of debate among historians, researchers and linguists. Though Gopal’s stories are the most popular and popular in society, there is a difference between whether Gopala junk was in reality. Many people think that none of the people named Gopal Joker were not. But some of the clowns are beloved to the king. There was such a person named Gopal Nani, who was a noble dynasty. Gopal’s birth date is not written anywhere. There is no document on his birthplace, there is no proof of his property or land as a resident of Krishnanagar. Although Gopal’s father’s name is known, nothing is known about his mother and wife. According to Nagendranath Das, Gopal’s title was ‘No’. The Maharaja gave him the title of Hasratva. Renowned historian and linguist Sukumar Sen said that because of the curiosity of the modern Bengalis about Gopal Joker, the fact that the national heritage has grown up and is about to rise, the seed of the name is a junk, and the ‘Bhandya’ Gopal’s race has been determined ‘. Whatever the reason for the party and the opponent, Gopal Bhend is unconcerned in Bengali rascals and folk culture.

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