Gp FnF


Welcome to all the friends I express my GP. Today I will discuss fnf GP. You can easily FnF?

  • How to Add New Grameenphone fnf numbers?
  • =>Write new number <space> newnumber<space> new number &send an sms to 2888


  • How to change grameenphone fnf numbers?
  • Write oldnumber<Space> newnumber & new number &Send to 2888


  • How to check current Fnf numbers?
  • Type FF and Send to 2888


  • How to Delete Fnf number
  • Write D <Space>number and Send it to 2888


  • How to Set Gp Supur FnF
  • Write SF<Space> Number and Send it to 2888


  • How to change Grameenphone Super Fnf?
  • Type SFC<Space> old number<Space> new number and Sent SmS to 2888



Offers Conditions:

  • 20% vat will apply.
  • 2tk will be charged for SMS.
  • Bondhu, Amontron and Xplore Package For Super F&F.
  • After 15 datys of Super F&F can be Changed, Days of activation.
  • You Can also Know, Please Call 121.