Grameenphone will launch a nationwide free Wi-Fi




Free Wi-Fi Internet connection for customers across the country will launch the biggest mobile phone operator Grameenphone.
This year, primarily in the crucial 30 Wi-Fi networks will be established.

Initially it will be a pilot project and the first three months, customers can receive FREE Wi-Fi service.
Wi-Fi to their customers, the mobile Wi-Fi hot spot zone, turning ‘GP Wi-Fi, a esaesaaidi’ll see.
“GP Wi-Fi,” he added after the registration number of GP, and at this stage they will receive an SMS, which will allow him to use Wi-Fi.
On Monday (16 November), according to a press release GP, one of the largest ISPs in the country, “we Network will provide technical support to the initiative.
The ‘Internet for All’, be sure to try one of the GP. GP has a strong network and a wide range of desajurei Three-G service company very quickly spread across the country. The results of the Internet has to offer is on the basis of a strong network.
As a result of this initiative, GP ‘Internet for All’ will be another step forward seems to be a desire to reach GP.