GrameenPhone Smart “Mega” Plan 3 GB internet



Life eyeball can also choose your Smart Smart Plan your pachendera
GrameenPhone Smart “Midi” Plan
Midi Plan- 1.5 GB Internet for 30 days, 400 minutes (any local number) Talk Time, 400 SMS (GP) and 400 MMS. The plan to dial * 5000 * 25 #
Used the Internet volume and the remaining voice, SMS and MMS dial * 121 * 1 * 4 #

GrameenPhone Smart “Midi” Plan

“Mega” Plan 3 GB internet for 30 days, 600 minutes (any local number) Talk Time, 600 SMS (GP) and 600 MMS. The plan to dial * 5000 * 26 #
Used the Internet volume and the remaining voice, SMS and MMS dial * 121 * 1 * 4 #


  • Smart local operator applies to any voice minutes. Including the number of community.
  • Smart IVR voice minutes to call any kind (eg 121, 789, 4000, etc.) will not be applicable.
  • Minutes are purchased in any GP (F & F and Super F & F number) can be used
  • GP numbers only apply to SMS and MMS.
  • Used the Internet volume and the remaining voice, SMS and MMS dial * 121 * 1 * 4 #
  • If another customer while using a Smart Active Smart, but the volume of the previous plan and the new plan with a term of voice, SMS and MMS of the new term will be added to and be effective.
  • 10 second pulse will be applicable to all prepaid customers of voice calls. For postpaid customers, the policy will apply to existing product pulse.
  • GP-to-GP with all the free minutes, to-GP number of other local operators in the (F & F / Super F & F / C with G, U) can be used to call
  • SMS feature to turn on auto renewal feature, ON smartaplyane 5000
  • Until further notice for all Grameenphone prepaid and postpaid offer (I-SIM except postpaid customers).

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