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In the Holy Quran, about this Prophet, Surah An’am 86 and Surah Chaudh, Ayat 48, has been related to the names of other prophets. According to the last of the names of 17 prophets, including ‘Ilias and Al-Yasha’, from Surah An’am 83 to 86 verses,
وإسماعيل واليسع ويونس ولوطا وكلا فضلنا على العالمين- (الأنعام 86) –
‘Ishmael, Elisha, Yunus, Lut, we have given superiority to each of them on the world’ (An’am 6/86). Allah says, elsewhere: واذكر إسماعيل واليسع وذا الكفل وكل من الأخيار – (48) And narrate to you Ishmael, Elisha, and Dhul-Kifl. They were all included among the best ‘(Chad 38/48). According to this description, it is understood that al-Yashah (peace be upon him) was certainly a prophet of a tall person.