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bangla hadithThe discussion of Prophet Elijah (peace be upon him) in the two Holy Quran is seen in the Holy Quran only. In verse 85 of Surah An’am and in Surah Al-Ba’fafat 123-13. In Surah An’am, in verses 83-85, his name is included in the list of 18 prophets. There was no discussion place. However, although briefly in Surah Al-Ba’fafat, he has been highlighted about his message. In the historical narration, almost everyone agrees that he was sent to Bani Bakul (Israel) in Ba’la Bakaka (بعلبك) region on the west side of Damascus, before Hazrat Ain and after Hazrat al-Yasha (A).

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During this period the empire of Bani Yusel was divided into two parts because of the misdeeds of the descendants of Prophet Solomon (peace be upon him). One part was called ‘Yahudiya’ and their capital was Baitul Mukaddas. The other name was ‘Israel’ and their capital was in Samarah and the present Nabalus.
Eliass’s Birthplace:
Prophet Elijah was born in Al’ad, Jordan, in the vicinity of Palestine. Allah Pak designates him as a prophet and directs the preaching and expansion of Tauhid in the Palestinian territories.
Palestine’s religious and social status:
At this time there were two capital cities of the two groups of Banu Israeli in Baitul Mukaddas and Nabalus region of Palestine. They were confronted with mutual consent. They had turned away from a new society that came away from a new society. There was no way to differentiate between the people of the Kitabdhari and Untouchables.