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‘In this book you describe Ishmael. He was truthful to protect the promise and he was a messenger and a prophet. ‘He used to order his family to offer salat and zakat and he was pleased with his Lord’ (Maryam 19 / 54-55).
Prophet Ishmael, the eldest son of his father, Ibrahim (AS), and the only child born to Hajra. At that time, Ibrahim was 86 years old. At the time of his childhood, he and his mother, Ibrahim (as) came to the land of Makkah on the orders of Allah.

There, in the blessing of Dora of Ibrahim, a special grace of Allah caused the Yamazam well. Then there started the aadhi of Yameen’s businessman Kafela Banu Zurhum. At the age of 14, in the desert of Meena, in the desert of Mecca, by the permission of Allah, the miraculous abandonment and sacrifice of world history took place. Whatever the role of Ibrahim, father of Ibrahim, son of Ishmael, was the only example of the faith of the fourteen year old young Ishmael, the faith and sacrifice of the son of Ishmael. If he did not voluntarily surrender himself, it would be possible for the father to sacrifice his son. Therefore, even if the Prophet was not a Prophet at that time, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) reflected the godlyness and firm faith of the Prophet, in his words and deeds. Then, as a partner of his father, he became a partner in the construction of the Ka’ba and after praying to Allah, Allah Pak has informed the people of the world in the holy Qur’an (Baqarah 2 / 127-129).
In this way Ishmael got permanent seats in the heart of the world like his father. Allaah said in his Surah Maryam 54 verse, “He was truthful in the promise of salvation”, which he had assured before the Father,
يا أبت افعل ما تؤمر ستجدني إن شآء الله من الصابرين, O Father! Make the order that has been ordered to you. If Allah wills, you will find me among those who live in the shelter ‘(Sufferers 37/102).