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islamic book banglaProphet Isaac(AS) was the only son of Abraham’s first wife, Sarah. He was the smallest of fourteen years of the Prophet Isma’il (A). At this time Sarah was 90 years old and Abraham was 100. We have already mentioned the incident of the coming of angels with the good news of the birth of Isaac to the barren woman at the age of very adolescent. In this verse, it has been mentioned in Surah Hud (verse 71-73), in Hijr 51-56 and verse 24-30, which we have described in the life of Abraham. As Allah gave Ishmael as a manifestation of the people of Makkah in the light of the Tawheed, so he gave the prophethood to Isaac and planted the vast area of ​​Sham.

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Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) married his son, Ishaq, in the lifetime, with Rafka bint Baitu’il (رفقا بنت بتوائيل). But he was also barren. Later, he was born in the blessing of Ibrahim’s Door, and in his womb, there were two consecutive sons, namely Ishih and Yaqub. [1] Among them Jacob became a prophet. Then, as the descendant of Jacob, the Prophet of Hazrat Ali, illuminated the earth in the light of Tauhid. But because of the stubbornness of the leaders of the Jews, they fall on God’s wrath and are condemned as a cursed nation. Which will continue till the end.
Ishaq (A) is 180 years old. He died in Kaunan and the son was buried beside the grave of Ibrahim in Hebron, by means of Eis and Jacob. The place is now known as ‘Al-Khalil’.

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