Hazrat Mossa (Alaihis Sallam) Part- One

Hadis bangla

hadis banglaAmong the first six nations of the world that had been destroyed by Allah, the people of the first six nations of Nuh, ‘Aad, Thamud, Luv, and the people of Madameanan after the description of the people, as the sixth oppressed nation, Allah, in the 27 Surah Surah, The most discussed thing in the Qur’an is that it is In order to clear the character and characteristics of Pharaoh and his oppressive policies, it becomes clear to the reader, and the scholars of the era of this era are aware of Muhammad.

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The most discussed discussion about the Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) and Pharaoh (peace be upon him) in the Quran. Because the miracles of Moses (as) were more than that of other Prophets, the events of the foolishness and stubbornness of his people, the children of Israel, were more and more surprising than the previous communities. Apart from this, there has been a lot of cognizable issues and restrictions on examining Moses repeatedly and in discussing the long story of his people. Above all, by the ruler Emperor Firouen and his Qibti community, Moses’ (A) attempts to describe the oppression and oppression of the minority Bani Youssees and the incidents of torture on the oppressed community for twenty years and finally, In the unique expression of the Qur’an described in various Surahs, it has emerged as a dialect. In short, the Quran has given so much importance to the story of Moses (AS) that most of the Surah has some of its descriptions. Because in this story innumerable lessons, the wonderful mysteries of Allah’s power and grace are inserted. There are plenty of workspace and character correction guidelines available in them.
One of the main reasons for mentioning the incident of Moses and the Qur’an in the Qur’an, is to remind the people behind the Elahi Kitabdhari and present their logic to believe in the end. It is to be noted that the next Prophet, Dawood, Solomon, and Isa (alaiyimus salam) were all members of the tribe of Bani, and they were sent to Prophet Muhammad. Moses (alaihis salam) was the original and followed person of all.
It is to be noted that in 53 verses of 53 verses 44 verses of the Holy Qur’an about Musa and Farahan are described.

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