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islamic book banglaAccording to the historical narration, after the test of power with the magicians of Pharaoh, the Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) stayed for two and a half years in Egypt and proclaimed the message of the people to the people and invited them to the true and the right path. During this period, Allah gave Moses 9 major blessings to the Prophet (peace be upon him). But with plague epidemics (A’raaf 7/134).

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The number of total patterns is 10. The first two of which were the best mujahas were miraculous sticks and photographic handlooms. Whose test was in front of Pharaoh’s court and later the magicians. Then the rest came and warned them for the guidance of the Pharaohs. The main purpose of all the misery that is sent to the world is the guidance of man. As Allah said, ولنذيقنهم من العذاب الأدنى دون العذاب الأكبر لعلهم يرجعون- (السجدة 21) – “Before the severe punishment of the unbelievers and the mischief-makers, we shall make a taste of the lesser punishment, in order that they may return (to me) 32/21).
Allah’s Apostle prayed for the prayer of the Israelites and the Doa of Moses and Aaron. The first time, the wrath of destruction of the world’s wealthy and wealthy people came down. Then comes other incidents or patterns. We will try to describe them one by one. So that the people of this age get advice from them.