Hazrat Shu’aib (Alaihis salam)

Bangla Hadith

bangla hadithThe fifth nation among the six major nations destroyed by the wrath of Allah is ‘Ahle Madian’. ‘Madian’ is the name of a town on the border of Syria and Hijaz near Laut Sea. Which is presently located east of Jordan’s sea port ‘Mawn’ (معان). In addition to disbelief, the people of this town used to reduce trade and commerce, loot and rob them of business. In the wrong way people used to eat their belongings and property. Yakut Hamawi (d 626/1228 AD) said that the people of Ibrahim-Madaiyan have known the township.

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Prophet Shu’aib (peace be upon him) was sent to them. He was the father-in-law of Prophet Moses (peace be upon him). After the destruction of the people of Lot, he was sent to the people of Madamean (Hud 11/89). He had great eloquence (خطيب الأنبياء) ‘khatbibula Prophets (prophets among the best orator) was named. [3] People of Midian, who places in the Holy Quran: “achahabula aikaha’ (اصحاب الأيكة) has been called. Which means ‘the residents of the jungle’ It is because the people of this rebellious people, who, after being away from their homesteads, came to the extreme heat and took shelter in the forest, Allah destroyed them there. It is said that the forest ‘Ica’ (الأيكة) because they worshiped a tree. Around which the jungle was surrounded.
Midian (مدين) after the death of Hagar and Sarah, wife of Abraham’s Arab descent kenaani kbanatura bint iyakbatbina (قنطورا بنت يقطن) ‘s son, the eldest son of 6.
It is to be noted that, Shu’ayb (A) has been narrated in 53 verses in 10 Surahs of the Holy Qur’an.