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islamic booksAfter the death of Prophet Dawood, Sulaiman was succeeded by his son. He was a prophet before a year and a half before the advent of the last Muhammad (sm). Solomon was one of the Father’s 19 sons. Allah Pak has enriched him in knowledge, wisdom an wealth. He also donated something which he did not give to any other Prophet. According to Imam Bagavi, historians, the total age of Sulaiman (A) was 53 years. At the age of thirteen, he took the reign and started the construction work of Baitul Mukaddas in the fourth year of rule.

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He ruled for 40 years (Mazhai, Qurtubi). But no matter how old he was, he was not known about the Prophet. He was the king of the left-handed kingdom of Sham and Iraq. His kingdom was the happiest and powerful state in the world. In the Qur’an, he has been described in 7 Surahs in 51 verses. We will try to put them together in the story as InshaAllah
Sulayman in childhood:
(1) Allah gave Solomon the wisdom and the farsightedness in his childhood. As the father of Prophet David (peace be upon him) settled dispute between the owner of the goat and the owner of the field, the boy Solomon presented better than him. As a result, the Prophet (peace be upon him) rejected his previous judgment and accepted the proposal of the son and accordingly he gave judgment.
Pointing to the incident, Allah said,
وداوود وسليمان إذ يحكمان في الحرث إذ نفشت فيه غنم القوم وكنا لحكمهم شاهدين- ففهمناها سليمان وكلا آتينا حكما وعلما (الأنبياء 78-79)

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