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bangla islamic bookYakub, the younger son of Ishaq and Yaqub, the twin sons of Ishaq (A), became Prophet. Jacob’s other name was ‘Israel’. Which means the servant of Allah. Among the prophets, there were only two names named Yaqub and Muhammad (sm). The other name of Muhammad (sm) was ‘Ahmad’ (Article 61/6). Yakub went to his Mama house at Harran (حران) in Iraq and went to sleep at night while leaving the head on a stone at one place near the corner. In that situation, he dreamed that a group of angels was going from heaven to heaven. In the meantime,

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Allah has said to him,

إنى سأبارك عليك واكثر ذريتك واجعل لك هذه الأرض ولعقبك من بعدك-
‘Very soon I will send blessings on you and increase your children, will give you and your descendants this land of yours’. He woke up and vowed with joy, if he can safely return to his family, then he will establish a worship hall there and spend one tenth of all that Allah will give him in the way of Allah ‘. Then he put a mark on the stone in that place so that he could come back and recognize it. He named the place, بيت إيل, ie the house of Allah. At present, the ‘Baitul Mukaddas’ is located, which, after about 1000 years, was reconstructed by the Prophet Solomon (peace be upon him). Basically this was the main foundation of ‘Baitul Mukaddas’, which was built by the angels or forty-four years after the house of the Ka’ba or by the sons of Adam or by Ishaq (A). Allah has given Jacob Jacob a dream, and in his hands there is a re-worship.