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bangla hadithKnowing Saturni and the last person, the hypocrites tried to tempt the Prophet (sm) in every post and tried to test them. The work of their Samajtans and religious leaders was always plotting against the Prophet (sm) and plotting against him. At that time no people of the Book lived in Mecca, nor did the people of Makkah know anything about Yusuf or other Prophets. As a result, a group of Jews from Al-Madinah came to Makkah and asked the Prophet (sm) that he said, tell me, there was no Prophet (peace be upon him) in Sham.

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Then his son was expelled from Egypt. And the person who was blinded with tears? (It is fabricated, because only the person who does not blindly blinds the eyes and it is the calf of the Prophets). In reply to this, Surah Yusuf Purata was sent down together. [2] Their scholars knew the events mentioned in the Taurat-Injil. Taurat-Jabur-ingil was all written in Hebrew language. Our messenger did not know his language in his language, he did not know the language of others. There was a subtle policy of the Jewish leaders that it would not be possible to reply to the Prophet Nabi on the issue. As a result, people will be suspected of his Prophethood and can be promoted against him.

In fact, in response to their question, the true story of Yusuf and Yaqub’s family, through the continuous ‘Ahi’, describes Allah, His Messenger. Which was certainly an important muja’ah for the Prophet. [3] It is not only Yusuf’s incident, but the description of the events of the 24 other prophets and their people as mentioned in the Qur’an till Adam to Jesus was one of the most prominent issues of the last Muhammad (sm). Because he did not meet with them. No book written about them was in that era. And he did not even teach himself to study. But in different periods of world history, the events of the era of different eras that have happened at different times, he has very beautifully heard the Ummah through the Qur’an. These were the major documents of his prophethood. Even after eating, the events of the family of Yusuf (as) and his father Jacob (A) were a unique general event in the history of the past. It is the unequaled properties of Surah Yusuf that are presented in concert by combining the necessary parts.