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islamic book banglaTwo other prophets of Zakaria and Yahya Solomon were both fathers and sons of Baitul Mukaddas. Yahya was the brother of the next Prophet, Jesus (A) and his age was six months older. He started the work of dawâ € ™ s work six months before. In Zakaria and Yahya (A) 22 verses of Surah 2 are described [2]. In them, their names are mentioned in the list of only 18 Prophet’s names in Surah An’am. The rest of the other Surahs have been briefly described only in the history of Yahya’s birth.
About Zakaria (A) only the Quran has been told that he was the caretaker of Mariam.

What is said by Allah in Surah Al-Imran about this is that the wife of Imran had vowed that I dedicated the child of my womb to Allah. He thought that he would have a son and he would appoint him to the house of Allah’s house, Baitul Mukaddas. But she was frustrated when the daughter of a child, Maryam was born in place of the son. Allah comforted him and said, ليس الذكر كالأنثى ‘There is no son like this daughter’ (Al-Imran 3/36).
Now, because of the vow he has to be sacrificed to the mosque. But who will be his guardian there? Perhaps Maryam’s father was not alive at that time. Everyone in the tribe wants to be the guardian of this holy girl. As a result, the lottery is finally arranged. There comes the name of Mariam’s maiden and the then prophet Zakariya (AS) of that period.

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