Hazrat Zul-Qifl (alaihis salam)

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bangla islamic bookIn the holy Quran, only the name of Dhul-Kifal came in Sura Ambiya 85-86 and Chaudhya-48. He became a prophet after Al-Yashah and invited the Tauhid among the Banu-Israelis in the Palestinian territories.


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Allah said,
وإسماعيل وإدريس وذا الكفل كل من الصابرين- وأدخلناهم في رحمتنا إنهم من الصالحين- (الأنبياء 85-86) –
‘And remember Ishmael, Idris, and Dhul-Kifl. They were all mortal ‘. ‘We included them to our mercy. They were among the righteous’ (Ambia 21 / 85-86). Allah says, elsewhere: واذكر إسماعيل واليسع وذا الكفل وكل من الأخيار – (48) And narrate to you Ishmael, Elisha, and Dhul-Kifl. They were all included among the best ‘(Chad 38/48).
Ibnu Katheer said that it was revealed with the best prophets that Dhul-Kifl was a prophet of a peak. Suleiman is sure to be sent to Sham region as the next prophet.
Ibnu Zarir Tabei scholar Mujahid narrated in the formula that if the former Prophet Elisha reached old age, he expressed his willingness to appoint one person as his successor. For this purpose, he gathered all his companions and said, I will appoint him as my caliph.