After the installation of WordPress, what to do first!

After the installation of WordPress, what to do first!

On August 22, a brother named Ruman Raihan, a SEO group, wanted to know what to do after setting up WordPress on the site with the new domain hosting set up. In response, I gave my reply in two comments. Let me summarize those comments and write them in the post form for you today. Many of the new WordPress users are reading the same problem what to do after installing WordPress, and share the text for them today.

Since the site is new to design and user friendly, there is no content as well, so first of all, Google will not index the site or list index to keep it off because the site does not have any content, Crowler will not get anything, just search the site’s Impressions Will be lost. So keep indexing off. To do this, going from Settings to Reading Settings, click on Discourage Search Engine from indexing this site. The site’s design plus 4/5 quality content will be made available to the search engines only after indexing.

# Then select and customize the theme based on your topic, upload and activate. Delete the default pages and posts with the necessary designs and customizations.

Change the default permalink (eg: Think of the SEO Friendly Permalink Structure at this stage. Please check the default permalink (recomended) or or your choice. (Permalink is considered to be a ranking factor as a ranking factor, so please provide permalink with the postname.) To do this, go to Permalink Settings from Settings and select the permalink with the postname to save.


# Change the site title, tag line and description by thinking about the site’s topics and keywords. Now open the pages of your site such as About us / me, privacy policy (will be filled according to your site), contact form (contact form 7 should be activated for contact form or any other to add contact form).

At this stage, you want to keep what you want to be in the site or if you think that according to the category, you will create categories, the navigation is very impressive. In addition to these categories, you can create menus in the menu bar by clicking the About Page (About Us, Contact, Privacy Policy etc.) menu bar. Add the gazettes you want to put in the sidebar, one by one.

#WordPress CMS by default, generates several feeds except for the original feed, such as single post feed, category feed, archive feed, comment feed etc. Those who do not add angle value. We will remove the excess feed by leaving the original feed. To remove them, go to dashboard from the editor of the appearance and go to functions.php and place the code below.

remove_action( ‘wp_head’, ‘feed_links’, 2 );
remove_action( ‘wp_head’, ‘feed_links_extra’, 3 );

# You can view all files uploaded to your site, such as images, PDFs, videos, audio, by browsing the link (Understand the picture below). This allows them to easily access all your files.

To stop this, go to the public HTML of the site from the hosting and open the .htaccess file and add the following code.

Options All -Indexes

# You will need to edit your published posts many times, by default WordPress will save every revision. Because of which the size of your database increases day by day. Each time the message is loaded, send a request based on the data base and all the saved files are loaded at the same time. This leads to increased loading time problems.


This is the problem for your site. So, to keep this WordPress free from revision, copy the following code from hosting to file manager and copy it to public html’s wp-config.php file.

Define (‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, false);

# Often unexampled comments will be approved on your site, which is a great problem for Spamy, or for the purpose of direct link building, seeing it manually. WordPress has built-in spam protection system for which you have to add a plugin (Acme plugin) to be activated with the registered API key.

# To get rid of hacking: Many people administer WordPress as admin during installation. So if you have the user name admin, delete it. Because when hackers try to hack your site, they try to hack as the first weapon by admin, because it is the primary tool to find bugs. So the default user name “admin” has no option to delete, as well as new user will have to be accessed as admin (it will help you to secure WordPress site more), user from dashboard and then add new user and add user with mail address . Then log in with a new account, and then go to Users> All Users and delete the previous admin name.

Along with the WordPress version, the plugin directory, the wp-config.php file and the wp-content directory must be hid. First, in order to do this WordPress version, login to your hosting account to do this, go to the file manager, find out both removed readme.html and license.txt files. Because they keep all the WordPress version of your site.

To hide the plugin directory, go to the hosting panel .htaccess, go to the code edit option and set the code below.

# Disable plugin directory browsing

Options -Indexes

.htaccess to place wp-config.php file

<Files wp-config.php>

Order allow, deny

Deny from all

</ Files>

To hide the wp-content directory, log in to the C panel, then find out the index manager and enter. Now you have Web Root (public_html / www) then you can click on wp-content. 4/5 options available, select No Indexing and save. Diameter, it worked. This way you can keep your site away from hackers.

Here are some of the Meta Information (WordPress Live Writer Link, Version and RSD Link) that appear to be the default by which hackers can take advantage of wordpress. The only way to keep hacking hackers is by giving them the convenience of the code. However, to remove them, go to dashboard from the editor of the appearance and go to functions.php and place the code below.

Remove_action (‘wp_head’, ‘wlwmanifest_link’);

Remove_action (‘wp_head’, ‘rsd_link’);

Remove_action (‘wp_head’, ‘wp_generator’);

To log in again with the wrong user name, login message shows wordpress in wordpress, ERROR: “Invalid username or password”. Hackers often use it, a simple tricks can protect you from possible hacking. To prevent this message from going to work, go to functions.php and place the code below.

Add_filter (‘login_errors’, create_function (‘$ a’, “return null;”));

Apart from these, you can use a plug-in that can be used to protect your site from different hacking attempts. The name of the plugin “Better WP Security” can be found in this link for details.

Add your RSS feed to # Feed burner. Use the Smushit plugin plugin for images uploaded on the site so that the size can be adjusted by adjusting the resolution.

Also, edit your user profile with the necessary data. Another thing, add social sharing plugin for social shares.

# Use this wordpress database backup plugin to back up the database of regular sites to avoid events such as server problems, hacking or host alteration or forgetting files. Wp-content with Tweak but it will take backup :).

# You can also use the wp3 total cache plugin to delete loading time plus delete delete. It’s a lot of work


Next, activate SEO plugins, such as wordpress seo by yoast, google xml sitemaps Add Google Analytics to the site. Besides, add your sitemap to different web masters and add any pages or folders to the search engine or give it to the cpanel for logging into the public html / root folder and add a robots.txt file as text in the folder.

For the convenience of understanding you, I uploaded a sampler robots.txt file, you can download and watch it. Click here to download the Robots.txt file.

If all the above work is done, please keep regular content or articles in the site. And of course, think it will give up on the index! If there is a content index, then after a few days Google can check the canonical problem, if there is www and non www for the Sam page, then you have to understand that there is a problem … let’s fix it.

There is a lot more to do, time will show you another day …

Do these for now.