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Javascript is a client-side scripting language or browser scripting. Client side scripting language means that the browser will run / execute these scripts. The opposite of the Client Side is server side, the code of the server side languages ​​execute / run through the web server.


JAVA and Javascript are completely separate languages. JAVA is a completely oriented programming language and Javascript is a scripting language. JavaScript and programming languages ​​but it works only on the browser, where JAVA can create a completely separate application that runs on the PC.


Much of Javascript is borrowed from JAVA, especially syntax, but JAVA or no language is required to learn from JavaScript before learning JavaScript.


Javascript is basically made of 3 things 1. ECMAScript (this is the main part of JavaScript or core functionality) 2. DOM (Document Object Model – works with web page content) and 3. BOM (Browser Object Model – works with browser)



With the help of Javascript, an HTML page can be used to create a variety of effects or interesting things, but also form validation and work of Ajax. The most familiar work is there