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Hazrat Abi Saad Abd Abdullah bin Ahmad
According to Rahmatullah Alah,
Once my daughter’s daughter Fatema disappeared from the roof of the house !! I’m worried
Saidaduna gaaye Pak Shah at Baghdad
Rahmatulah Alaihah at his court kadamate
Appeared and saved my daughter!
Gawey Pak Rahmatullah ALLAH Formalen,
Going to the place called Karakh, there is no lonely night
Bijan will take position on the hill, then you will make the coils around you and sit in the middle of it! Then Bismamillah will read their imagination !! Look at the darkness of the night, the jinn community is moving around your arms! Their unconscious will be terrible and amazing, but you will not fear !! During the sehari, the king of jinn will ask for your purpose!
You will say Shaykh Abdul Qader Jilani
Rahmatullah Alaih sent Amma
You saved my daughter!
Then I was blessed with the mercy of the Holy Prophet
According to the Alihah directive, “Karkh” Bijan
Go to the ground and do everything. In the dark of the night
I saw Jinnah out of his kundali
Asa was going, their unconscious was so scary that they were not being seen !!
The king of the jinn was in a horse during a seahri
He came out of the Kundali, and his
Numerous genes crowded around, he was
Here’s the purpose of asking for the purpose!
I said we were gausul azam
Rahmatullah sent it to Allah, it is
After listening, he came out of the horse to the ground
Sat down !! All other jinns did so !!
I told her to lose her daughter,
He announced the rest among jinns
“Who among you kidnapped girl?”
After a while, Jinnah is a native of Jinnah
The culprit came in contact with the truth !!
The king asked, why are you
Jama’at Qutb, Gawe Pak Rahmatullah
Take the girl away from the city of Alaih
Gone ??