Krishnapakkho written by Humayun Ahmed

”Krishnapakkho” bangla book pdf

bangla boiBook Name: Krishnapakkho

Writer: Humayun Ahmed

Size: 251 KB

Pages: 89

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A novel ‘Love’
The novel ‘Krishnapakkho’ is a novel by Humayun Ahmed himself, and he himself has said that through his various writings at different times he himself has conveyed it. What is the need to specialize or specialize in this novel? I do not think so. Just one thing I can say, not only Humayun Ahmed’s writings but I can also separate this writing from millions of writers of millions of writers in the world. The reason behind her is not just that the novel is the favorite novel of my favorite author and favorite personality. The novel’s importance to me is different because this writing has been able to blur my eyes for a long time. I do not know whether the element of this novel is really a tragedy or whether it is a tragedy or if it is somewhat nakamo mixed with it. Other reader responsibilities of those judges. I can only tell from my personal experience, how well Humayun Ahmed, a very familiar and familiar story of life, through the familiar stereotype, which he brought up on the novel page, was enough to stir my heart. I do not know how easy and fluent a person can write a novel like this. But it is impossible for others to do that, Humayun Ahmed has done that much with Ayes. There was no exception in the novel ‘Krishnapakkho’. But the content of the story that was very simple and the events were so much heartbeat that it resulted in it being able to move the novel to a new height from the other novels of the author.

‘Krishnapakkho’ was described as “contemporary” in keeping with the author’s composition. Over time, the definite period of contemporaryity has already passed. Yet, it seems to me that the story of love that is presented in this novel is not only contemporary but it is eternal. Disagree with the author’s statement, and I do not know whether it is pointless. But I know that in the present day of 2014, the story of this novel will not seem so old-fashioned. To any reader it would be considered to be absolutely realistic. A little hope will be seen in the eyes of thousands and thousands of Muibs. Aru and Muhib are two characters who marry without informing their family members. Their family background is quite different. But they are trapped in the bondage of love and forget about everything else they marry. But alas! The marriage is not the life of all that God has shown in their eyes with the fingers. Muhib died in a tragic accident. The worldly love of Aru and Muibah did not break apart? Who knows! Why 25 years later, Uru will remember the day of marriage with Muhib? The reality is such. More than that, the power of love is so strong. The complexity of love has emerged in this novel. But the quality of that power was literally so strong that it was enough to soothe anyone’s eyes.

It is not just the story of Muhib and Arro’s love that has been said here. It is said that Mirza’s sister Jabber said that Mu’ib’s sister Jabber came to know about the nephew of Mu’ib, that the girl who was in the lap of the car at the time of the car accident came to him, that Mu’wah’s dulabhai came, the friends of Muhib came, and the boy who was going to marry Arma The word came too. It may seem strange that their mention in the story of love of Mugh and Orru is unnecessary. But in reality, ‘Krishnapakkho’ is not just the story of Muhib and Arro’s love. Love is the main character of this story. And so every other character has come to strengthen the concept of love much more.

Even if you do not know who is the real love novel, if someone tells me the novel of your love of love, or some of which, the small list that will come out of my mouth, there must be mention of ‘Krishnapati’.

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