Math Class-5, Lecture-2

Primary Mathematics (Class-5): Lecture 2: Roman Numerals

Basic math course students are welcome.

In today’s issue of our Roman numeral system.

When the stick to keep account of the calculations became increasingly difficult when the people began to think of what can be expressed by the number sign. Roman, Mayan and Inca civilizations can be seen in all areas of the published numbers with a sign. However, we will discuss only the Roman numeral system. We do know that this kind of approach it good or bad.

Romans edition of the alphabet for some of them choose Varnas. They are –

I – 1, V – 5, X- 10, L-50

C-100, D- 500,    M – 1000.

C- D- hundred and five hundred M – one thousand.

The number of the writing process easier. From a small number of large number of signs to be written from left to right in a row. If the number is the sum of each of the symbols of quality. As

VII – 07

XV- 15 etc.

This could be seen as four is to write IIII. I think it is not much to add, subtract the number that can be expressed or not. It was just a quality mark only once a small value minus sign on the left side will be set up to pursue the youngest of the elder and younger subtract the result from barasankhya value. As

IX – Not

CD – four hundred. And so on. But a much larger number to indicate the number of spots (bar) indicating a thousand times. Let’s see how far this can go.

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