Math Class-5,Lecture 1

Primary Mathematics (Class-5): Lecture 1: How to start counting

Basic math course students are welcome. We’re starting with Countdown. Countdown is the first man to express intelligence. Countdown begins to determine what animal hunting. Some of the staff were kept count of first use. When people started writing on the wall of the cave, he kathike proportions began to publish a mark.

Stick with the general could be a plus or minus. However, as soon as it became more of a burden on the system, whatever the stick of good quality will not be counted. The use of the symbols.

Still a lot of stick is used to calculate the wholesale market.

Please download in a variety of sizes.

Click on the link below. Wait a little. Then notice the image below. And click on the part of Mark. The size of the download. Automatic watch is now being downloaded.

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