Misir Ali Omnibus Bangla Novel by Humayun Ahmed

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Writer : Humayun Ahmed

Country : Bangladesh

Language : Bengali

Topic : novel

Size : 21MB, 17MB and 15MB

Pages : 528, 432 and 404



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Missy Ali, a popular mysterious character created by Humayun Ahmed, a renowned novelist of Bangladesh. Miss Ali Ali is mystical. Misir Ali’s stories are not just detective stories, but murderers, such as ‘Crime Fiction’ or ‘Thriller’, do not chase and counter the police, but psychological, science-based, and intensely compelling stories. Rather, in many cases it is called a mystery. Characterically the character of Miss Ali Ali Humayun Ahmed, another unique creation of Himu is completely opposite of the character. The young Himu runs out of anti-logic; On the other hand, the elderly Miss Ali Ali followed the pure logic. This argument helps in explaining the real nature of the mysterious world. In every novel of Miss Ali, the reflection of those stories has happened.


Character implementation:

The idea of novelist Humayun Ahmed Miskir Ali was first found in the US North Dakota Fargo, while traveling with his wife in the car. Though the concept came to mind, he wrote Missi Ali character’s first novel “Goddess” long after the incident.

Character of character:

According to the novel story, Missy Ali, a associate professor (part time) of the Department of “Psychology” of Dhaka University. Not only as a teacher, but also to his followers he is described as a very respectable character. That is why in the novel or big story, the writer used the term ‘her’ instead of writing ‘her’ to mean Miss Ali.


Missy Ali’s age is 40-50. His face is long. The long face with shaky beard, long rosy-khusko kacha ripe hair. First of all, he may seem to be a stranger; A little bit of selfishness His smile is very nice, childish Misir Ali’s memory is very good.


He kept infinite interest in human mind, behavior, dreams and various mysterious events. Humayun Ahmed’s own commentary


“Miss Ali is a man who tries to see the eyes closed. There is no surprise on anyone who sees the eyes open on the earth, there is a surprise try to close eyes. “

Commenting on the character, Humayun Ahmed says:


“Miss Ali is a man, to whom the rules and regulations of nature are big, the obscure world of mysteriousness, which does not accept. “

Humayun Ahmed, in the role of Miss Ali, has two contradictory properties, ‘Logic’ and ‘Emotion’.


Miss Ali is a smoker. He’s eating cigarettes of Fifty Five brands. However, he often tried to quit smoking. His body is very diseased and diseased. His body is plagued with various diseases: almost all of the liver or liver almost, the function of pancreatic has decreased, blood clotting, and heart beat drop bits. As a result of this difficult disease, as well as any common disease, he was quite averse. As a result, he was often ill-treated and had to be hospitalized, and finally he returned to recover.


Misir Ali is a man who is uncomfortable because of the unusual adventure. He does not hesitate to spend the night in the earthquake, but because he is able to make the interpretation of mysteriousness in it. One of the most prominent figures of Miss Ali is that he can find anyone, especially the addressed people, in a very unknown place. For this, he took shelter in the telephone directory, car registration number, TV-radio license number [5], police case report, hospital merging postmortem report etc. Misir Ali is astonished in nature, but there is no reason to believe in nature. Miss Ali Ali is an atheist in faith. In the sixth chapter of the first novel

Goddess” of Miss Ali Ali, he called himself an atheist. However, in some places he has been shown as a believer in God’s existence, a believer

Miss Ali is basically a man, and in all the novels it is implemented in such a manner. But mentioned in the novel “Another Bhuban”, Miss Ali Ali got married. But in the next novels, he is presented as a lonely man. With the approval author himself admitted that “it was a big mistake”. Missir Ali’s character is not acceptable as a married man. And again, in the next novels, Misir Ali was presented as a lonely writer. As a result, Miss Ali Ali’s character stands: Miss Ali, who carries on the deep sea of ​​love, never gets anyone to spread the love. There is a mention of teenage years of youth working on a long time to overcome the loneliness of the loneliness of love. For example: “I and we” are mentioned in the novel “Bodu”, a 15-16 year old son. There was a working girl named Hanifa in ‘Devi’ and ‘Nishithini’. Miss Ali Ali tried to teach such a work to her. Again in the “Bhaboban” novel, there is a reference to a working girl named “Reba”.


To characterize Missir Ali’s characteristic essence, Humayun Ahmed writes: Miss Ali is a lonely, hearty and sharp person. According to the story, he is very grateful. The character is also one of the favorite characters of the writer.


Miss Ali Ali’s character has become so popular that readers have started thinking of people of the flesh. Humayun Ahmed is often asked that if Miss Ali is seen writing any real character. After getting negative answers, many of them found the shadow of the author of the film Ali Ali. Humayun Ahmed himself, with the approval, answers:


“No, I did not see Miss Ali. Many people think that the writer himself may be Miss Ali. I would like to inform them that I’m not Miss Ali. I can not create a logical palace and I never feel like Miss Ali, there is no mystery in nature. To me the nature seems to be infinite mysterious. “

But in the novel Nalini Babu B.Sc, the author is seen in the role of Miss Ali, and he is different from Ali Ali, but his creator clearly points out:


“I (Author) were delighted to see that Saleh Chowdhury (author’s traveling companion) did not see Missir Ali as the character of the novel. Very intelligent people can sometimes not remember the real-mythical limit.