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Book Name : Moru Vashkor

Writer : Kazi Nazrul Islam

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Kazi Nazrul Islam, a poet of rebel poet, is also a poetic poet, and is also the name of the poet This is also based on the biographical biography of the Prophet (peace be upon him), but it is incomplete.

Kazi Nazrul Islam presented the new generation of literary ideas, literary visions and literature in the life of the Bengali people. He is truly the poet of Bengali spirit. Humanism, patriotism and intimate beliefs are manifested in its entire creation. In a broad sense, Nazrul has offered thought and whole action-pack to world peace and peace. In the struggle to ensure Manashakti’s thinking, rights and justice for the society and the countryside, he has been continuously continuing. From tradition, searching for information from history and its artistic performance is a brilliant reference to Nazrul literature. He has become a great source of inspiration for the posterity and service of the North Generation.