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islamic book banglaBook Name: Nabi Karim (S) ar ochiyat

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Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had left his word for his entire nation, and he gave advice to the person; Has been done by Osian Though these may be for a special person, it is the property of the entire human race. Because, Allah has sent the Prophet (peace be upon him) to the world as Rahmatul al-Alamin. Therefore, the person who has been authorized by the person is not limited to the person. These are not the heirs of the Osian, the entire human race. These are included in the hadiths of the Prophet (s) and related to Hadith. All the mayors of the Prophet (peace be upon him), his cousin and son-in-law, Ali bin Abu Talib, and close companions, Abu Huraira, have been inserted in the Resala book of Allama Abul Fadh Abdur Rahman Suyuti (R).

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