The capital of the states of oceania, currency, language, independence

Introduction to the continent – Oceania
The size of Oceania’s continent is 85,25,989 square kilometers, or 32,91,903 square miles. The total population is 36,659,6000 (2010 sixth). The middle and southern islands of the Pacific Ocean are known together as Oceania. This region is divided into three parts – Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia. Polynesia: Poly means a lot, and Nashea means many islands. The island of the island islands in the central and southern Pacific, Polynesia. Melanesia: Mela means Krishna and Nasheya means Krishna Island. In the north and northeast of Australia, the islands located in the Pacific Ocean are called Melanesia together. Micronesia: Micro is small and Nusia means small island. Micronesia is a group of thousands of islands located in the Pacific Ocean. Australia is also included in the Oceania region. Overall, all the islands of the South Pacific are known as Oceania. There are 24 countries on this continent. Population and volume is the largest city in the continent of Oceania. Sydney: Australia is a Latin word that means the southern part of the south. It is a country of South Golars south of the continent of Asia.

At one glance, Oceania’s continent
Size-85,25,989 square meters (32,91,903) square miles.
Population -36,659,000 (2010 sixth).
Population density – 4,19 per square kilometer.
Residents name – Oceanian Oceania.
Total countries – 14
Total languages ​​- 28
The largest cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Auckland, Adelaide, Wellington, Christchurch.

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