Adbhut Sob Golpo by Humayun Ahmed

Bangla Story Book

bangla pdf bookBook Name: ADBHUT SOB GOLPO.
Book Writer:  Humayun Ahmed.
Book Format: PDF(Portable Document Format) File

Book Size: 8.52 MB

Book Pages: 57
Book Language: Bengali
Book info: Horror Collection

Book Review:

The readers should remember that in other words I have written briefly, the short story of this story is spoiled by Spieler’s fault. This story briefly summarizes the main story of the book. Almost every important event is mentioned here.
Chandan Shah Fakir’s real name is Sekander Ali, his wife’s name is Falbunu. Phulbanna is in bed after 5 years of sickness. Chand’s financial condition is very bad. There is no income to earn money. She loves to make a lot of stories. He told many different types of fakir, he told everyone he knows different Tantra Mantra. Actually everything is bogas. His wife became very angry when she started the story while she was sleeping. One night, when his wife’s condition got worse, his wife asked him to sit outside and out of the room He sat outside. At that time suddenly a fairy came and met him. Angel can give him a lot, but any one would ask him. Gunbina Chail Fulbuno become healthy. Fairy went to Falbunu after he healed. But woe, whose wife never believed in the truth.

The book has five stories, namely

  1. Multiplied
  2. Mirror
  3. A day in Koodoo’s
  4. Virus
  5. Nizam’s ghosts

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