Odesk and outsourcing bangla book

bangla boiUpwork (previously Odesk) companies in a global job market and the different classes aimed to bring the remote workers hired. 2003 oDesk (Red Wood City, CA) Construction Company was founded in Greece and stratisa karamanalakisa adisiyasa satalasa.


Upworkcxcccc a freelancing marketplace where nearly 1 million freelancers from all over the world are working. Apaoyarke 4 million are working on at this time. The site for the project “a certain amount of money as” or “pay for every hour of work” can be found in both. Upwork basically a technical concept of outsourcing, which offers independent contracting work. Upwork the ilyansa, freelancer, teacher and bhioyarakara (former ‘Rent A coda) – like a company where employees and a freelancer who’ve been with each other contracts.

Group of online buyers Upwork samasrenira approved and purchased in the corresponding software company owner have been paid for work, and technical excellence in short, this is called the ‘no’s’. Anyone can work from anywhere.

Upwork’s Features
Online tests
There are more than 300 freelancers Upwork test to prove the efficiency of the system. Trials are held in an objective manner. Can be tested at any time. With more tests of new freelancers can enrich their profile. Each test has 40 questions and 40 minutes of time. If you wish you can be the same again after 30 days. One of the tests is to sit up.

The team management
Through this site together with a customer on the same project can be appointed for a period of many employees. Look for managing the “team room” or party rooms, all of which groups together sadyasyera together a variety of information, work history, and you can watch the latest situation. The “Time analyzer” or during the casting, which is a member of the show when and for how long it has been working. For buyers, there are more freelancers computer screen viewing, desktop screen sharing, bug tracking, and sababharsana to host servers.

Benefits for freelancers
Freelancers can prove their work efficiency and reliability of their computer, “UpWork Team” through the software installation. A participant in this software periodically to the client phrilyansarera the latest screenshots, the memo, and send activity logs and images is a webcam. Providers via webcam If you wish to communicate with other group members can work. Windows, Mac and Linux separate version of the software for users.

The uptake methods
Like other freelancing sites Upwork multiple ways to withdraw money, which is a significant peoniyara Debit MasterCard, Moneybookers, and wire transfer. Debit card to withdraw money from anywhere in the world.

Work online at the company’s team of software and data record time (work diary) is. When recording data every 10 minutes, which takes a screen shot of a person’s personal issues in front of others is tantamount to publish.

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